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Our mission is  to provide quality workmanship and timely delivery to all customers' equipment in a safe and cost-effective manner.

  • Streamlined office processes allow customers to use our computerized billing service which can be downloaded.

  • Digital pictures of repairs are available via e-mail to our customers.

  • Railcar cleaning service.

A few of the Products we can clean:


Diesel/Fuel Oil

UAN/Liquid Fertilizer   

Mag Chloride    

Caustic Soda                                     



DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fuel)

Nutra Soy Flour

Vegetable  Oils NFS       

Lube Oils                                            

Amyl Alcohol                                    

Liquid Calcium Nitrate

Soap Stock

Animal Feeds


Brake Fluid

Calcium Chloride

Mineral Spirits


Rice Hulls

Soy Bean Oils

Cotton Seed

Bio Fuels                                            

Solvent DB         

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